Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tourist for a day

Outfit: Denim Crochet Vest, Denim Cutoffs, thrifted, Brown Boots, Topshop, Graphic Roses Tunic, Dorothy Perkins

Last Friday I went to Universal Studios, Singapore, hence the title. We were supposed to go there the day before, seeing that it was a weekday so we could beat the crowd. But the weather being the weather suddenly turned foul and started raining. Luckily, we were allowed to change our tickets to another day so we went to the ArtScience museum the day before.

I love my tribal backpack (which I keep spelling as bagpack) that I got for 7 pounds in Camden Market, London! Love the woven details which goes well with my belt. The crochet shoes are from H&M and I wore it the day before to the museum. It's so super comfy and gave me no blisters at all, unlike my boots the first time I wore them.

Obligatory tourist shot.

The Hollywood Walk! Though it may not be exactly like the real place, everything there is so very detailed and Hollywood-ish. Like the National Library I tried to pose with. And the benches. And the fake shops.

I was pretending to be the lost tourist... Sorry for the bad hair. It was really hot at 34 deg celcius. I ended up being tanner than before I entered. Sobs.

Penguins! They sold this at the Madagascar-themed shop... Didn't see any sign of the Madagascar penguins though.

Fiona's castle! And fake-smile-turn-sideways-posey tourist! Ok but seriously, I love my denim cutoffs which I got for only SGD$4 in Phuket. Yes.

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  1. love the bag and your vest!

  2. super cute outfit!
    followed you the moment i saw the word penguin! haha :D


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