Friday, June 29, 2012

Forever young

Pink parrot print bikini | USA flag denim shorts | Multi print wedge sandals | Multi coloured parrot print vest | Mint green sheer sleeveless dress | Rainbow coloured dipped hem maxi dress | Floral zip front bralet | White and turquoise lace short | Aztec print gilet | Penguin shortie pyjama set | Pastel aztec print jersey skater dress | Candy neon garland All from

Children and teens these days dress up surprisingly stylishly, with the likes of celebrity babies such as Suri Cruise heading the bunch. Honestly, when I was younger, I wore denim floral overalls and Doctor Martens shoes, courtesy of my mum's styling. But as we grow older and become the main decision makers of our own outfits, I think I got a little off in my teenage years and wore mostly t-shirt and shorts... Such a waste of my youth *sighs* As social media evolves and people come into contact with the Internet earlier, the young 'uns would be more easily involved and influenced in the latest trends. As a result, take a look at the new collections of New Look or other retail stores and you can see that children/teens clothing have become more and more influenced by the latest trends -- Pastels, floral, dip-dye etc. 

Which makes me all the more excited as these clothing would be priced lower with the same styling as you would find in a women's clothing line, albeit with a playful touch. And thank goodness my body has stopped growing since 13 and I can wear their 13-15 y/o clothing.

I found all the pieces above from New Look, some of which are on sale! Aren't they quite stylish and acceptable for a 20-year-old to wear? (Please say yes so I don't feel like a child...) The floral bralet was manufactured in the exact same design for adults but I guess the smaller version would provide a better fit for people who are more petite. And penguin PJs! No one will judge you when you are sleeping in your own room anyway and you can feel like a child again.

Can you guess which ones I would purchase? Also, which are your favourite pieces?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Petals fall and seasons change

Outfit: Sleeveless check shirt, Topshop, blush red skater skirt, Oakham Market, fire-truck red satchel, Taobao, nude pumps, Martina Pink, leather and chain bracelet, thrifted.

Sometimes it is easier to coordinate your outfit if you just wear everything in the same colour (okay, not really everything else I'll end up looking like a red packet). And this is my take on red, the colour associated with everything romantic and love-ly... And no, this was not for Chinese New Year though on hindsight it was more appropriate than my black dress.

This Disney Couture-inspired bracelet along with the Eiffel Tower, Tiger and J charms is one of my favourite accessories while the skater skirt really makes me feel like dancing, which I can't. And thank goodness I had paired the outfit with this satchel before I lost one of the straps somewhere so it looks really weird now. That is one of the perils of online shopping where the quality of the goods really depends on the seller. Anyway, which is your favourite red item here? :)

Also, regarding the question in my Formspring: I use 65Daigou as my agent for my Taobao shopping. As Taobao sellers only accept this certain credit card thing (like Paypal), you need an agent to help you with that and they charge a nominal fee for ordering, packing and shipping the items all the way to Singapore! I know of other agents but to me 65Daigou is the cheapest and they do meetups at many convenient locations.

Besides scouring Taobao for iPhone cases, coats, shoes and apparel (I must be crazy and broke soon), I have also been eating a lot with my friends and beloved boyfriend recently. So that must only mean more food photos coming your way, yay! (And my weight gain too, sigh)

Lastly, I will reply all comments soon, but feel free to Formspring me for any urgent queries! :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Cameron Highlands 2012

One of my favourite short getaway trips by car -- Cameron Highlands is just around 6 hours away from Singapore and it has the best strawberries, flowers, vegetables and my favourite BOH tea. Everything is so pretty there and less touched by urbanisation than back home. Sadly such farms are run-down and slowly degrading over the years and perhaps the next time I'm there there wouldn't be much left to see. But for now I will relish the memories of eating brownies and drinking tea while admiring the endless hills of tea, running through the tea plantations, boiling the corn in our hotel room thermos flask, watching late night movies and of $8 steaks. Say hi to my sisters!

Friday, June 15, 2012

B(l)ack to basics

My iPhone weather app lied. It was so sunny and we witnessed 3 wedding couples taking their pre-wedding shots at the Botanic Gardens! One couple was even wearing a muffler and scarves in the hot sun which I think they were pretending to be shooting these in Korea... I kid you not. Cue heatstroke...

Outfit: Black chiffon blouse, Taobao, White leather shorts, Oakham Market, T-bar Maryjanes, Online, Metal embroidery necklace c/o Oasap, Claw ring c/o The Phrenzy, Cross connector ring & Cobra connector ring, Taobao.

Many a time I've been 'forced' to wear the simple black shirt for really formal occasions (like working as an usher). Don't get me wrong, although I love colours, and basics in black or white colours really do match well with everything, the problem is that the outfit tends to get a little boring and safe in these monotone shades.

The solution? Jazz it up with coloured jewellery! Like this elegant cutout necklace that has floral motifs and a complex design that would make people stare at it to make sense of it (okay, or not, but the job is done anyway). Wear it below collared tops like I did or with tube tops and dresses.

Get the necklace here at Oasap, which is at USD$13 currently, more than 50% off the original price! They provide free worldwide shipping for every item.

Besides your neck, embellish your hands with connector, animal, floral etc etc rings! My favourite ring now is the claw ring by The Phrenzy which has preorders for clothing, accessories, shoes and bags at affordable prices! The ring is only selling at $4.50... buy more of them to look like many little monsters are crawling up your fingers. Get 25% off the second item and 50% off the third item, valid until 19th June!

Lastly, on a cautionary note, follow the above advice only if you are able to wear jewellery for said event!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Autumn Bunnies: The Lace Parade

Time flies and it's already June! Which means that these photos are overdued for more than two weeks... Oops. I really love this collection from Autumn Bunnies that features two of my favourite materials: Lace and chiffon! Those two combined make any tomboy a girly girl.

Anyway, June is also the month where kids run amok without school (no more quiet weekday mornings!) and my friends come back from UK and Australia! Yayyyy. But it also means a month nearer to school starting in September and me moving away from everyone I know and love. Though it is exciting at the same time *sighs*.

Lastly, I've picked the winner of the giveaway (using, who is none other than Ying Qi! *claps* Have contacted you already :) More giveaways will be coming up of course, perhaps one every month so do stay tuned here.

Have a fun and happy week ahead!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Death is no child's play

Outfit: RIP tank, Oakham Market, Black overlay dress, Bangkok, Boots, Topshop, Cross connector ring, Taobao, Vintage watch.

Wearing this headstone tank top makes me feel like I'm wearing something taboo. I would prefer it if it were looser but I bought it nevertheless as the print's too awesome to miss. Great that I had a cross connector ring as well, and I kept trying to capture a shot of the ring being just right below the RIP lettering, but I failed miserably.

Photos were taken by my beloved at the playground near his house. A pity most, if not all, of the playgrounds in Singapore have been replaced by tacky coloured plasticky ones with the squishy grounds. We used to play barefooted in the sand and the slides were made of cement... Ouch. But they were more fun and true to the term 'playing in the sandbox'.

Monday, June 4, 2012

And in this moment, I swear, we were infinite

Outfit: Lips printed dress, H&M, Boots, Topshop, Tortoise sunnies, Taobao, Heart printed socks, Daiso.

Went to the zoo last Tuesday with my dearest, finally after procrastinating for a few weeks. I think I looked like an animal that escaped from the cages but I love this dress nevertheless. It's my very first skater dress and putting it on makes me very... happy. Like sappy child-like innocent like of happy. It's the way the skirt swishes, I think.

A cute monkey with a long tail and a scary-looking (but not venomous) snake! A little scary how the zoo let the snake roam freely but I have a feeling it's like a random snake that just happened to want to live in the zoo. Good choice.

There are free-roaming birds  around the park too! And this one is super cute with a bluish-purple and green body.

Although this photo doesn't seem to show any animal (actually there are a few adorable otters napping at the top of the cave), I have decided to include this because my boyfriend was attempting to snap the otters and I asked him to walk closer to the enclosure when...

He got attacked by this wild reptile lizard-chameleon thing that jumped from the tree next to us. Which has super long claws that reminded me of a frog's webbed feet so I was stunned there and froze on the spot (I've a phobia for frogs x__x) yet he still managed to snap a photo.

Poor thing. Now the cuts have become scabs and he said they look like he got mauled by a tiger. Lol.

"You know, this is the only reason why I came to the zoo." says Mr Penguin.

White tigers! Which all originated from the same white tiger. And later in the afternoon when we went back we saw the two tigers engaging in... an afternoon delight. How incestuous...

Actually we saw many animals (turtles especially) having fun. Hahaha. Guess when we were children, we didn't really notice or even knew what the animals were doing.

Close-up of my socks. The morning when I was putting them on I realised that if I folded them down the hearts would still be upright. Smart sock maker.

The elusive Tree Kangaroo! Managed to spot this little guy after walking past the third time. It's super cute and munching on a watermelon on top of a tree which is really unlike its other Kangaroo counterparts.

My favourite penguinsssssssss! What's your favourite zoo animal?

It doesn't matter where we go as long as we have each other ♥
& Thank you for the fabulous day :)