Thursday, April 19, 2012


Been on Polyvore which, for the uninitiated, is a website where you can create looks based on stock photos of clothing. Kind of like a mood-board of fashion. It's very addictive and fun! Although I must say that my skill of piecing looks together isn't very good... So I'm better off browsing different looks for inspiration!

Here are a few that I've found, posting here for some inspiration on my future looks:


Beige&White by sundarialbina featuring RED Valentino shorts

This is just totally amazing. Yes sometimes I wonder how people are able to find items that perfectly complement each other although they are from different retailers. Love the bag! I think I know where to get it but I already have like 120591025 bags :(

Wear I live: London. London where? London England.

Wear I live: London. London where? London England. by artisabang featuring Rocio clutches

Inspired by London! Sadly I won't be studying/living there even though I applied to study in the UK... More on that later.

summer hues

summer hues by mercedesrenee featuring ASOS sunglasses

Yes. I'm always a sucker for florals and colourful stuff. Blame it on the child in me. Also, the 'top' of this romper is actually another romper itself! In that case how am I supposed to wear the scallop shorts over?

for ladybirdfb

for ladybirdfb by lola-8march1982 featuring Rebecca Minkoff clutches

This set reminds me of equestrian... I think it's the shades of leather brown in the shoes and bag. Love how the flowy chiffon contrasts with the stiffness of the jacket and the leather stuff, but the whole look is very well-executed together. Wish I could piece together something like that! *sigh*

What is your favourite polyvore look from the ones above? Do you have a polyvore account as well?

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  1. really love how romantic and feminine the first look is!


    1. Yes the first set is lovely! Might be getting the top soon ;)

  2. Those Polyvore sets are amazing :D

  3. I love browsing on Polyvore too, there's always so many amazing looks that are so inspiring! I love the first and second set the most but they are all amazing.


    1. Yes I love the first set the most too :) Polyvore makes it easier to create our outfits don't you think?

  4. Replies
    1. You mean from the next post right? Thank you :)


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