Thursday, April 26, 2012

My 'First Day At Work' blouse

There are just certain items which you will never throw/give/sell away even if your cupboard is bursting (like mine is). Perhaps they evoke a certain memory, or are gifts from the people you love. For me, I have this versatile top I call it the 'first day at work' blouse. It was selling at a flea market for $12 which is pretty expensive for something in a flea market -- Usually they border around the range of $2-$5 -- but I fell in love with it because it looked so flowy and  fairy-like that I bought it on a whim. And it turned out to be one of the best buys because I nailed the job that I wore it to and from then on, whether because I thought it to be a lucky charm or perhaps it made me look more feminine and mature, I wore it to every single job interview and first day of work (except probably my medical school interviews which required a blazer. So formal, tsk).

So there it is, paired with my F21 bag whose straps I hid so it looked like a clutch. It feels silky so I paired it with a pair of work pants in a darker shade of beige with a similar texture. 

I wore it out yesterday for Strictly Pancakes with my friend Zenn. Really should take a full body picture of my outfit soon!

Strictly Pancakes
44A Prinsep Street, Singapore 188674

They serve all-day breakfasts in the form of pancakes! Yummy yummy. Besides, those aren't just your usual McDonald's kind of butter pancakes, they do have sweet chocolate pancakes (which I tried) and the savoury -- garlic buttered prawns with pancakes!

They serve milkshakes too. For the sweet-toothed, try their Nutella or Chocolate Peanut Butter milkshakes (both $5.50)! Yums. 

This is the Druggie ($11) -- Three fluffy chocolate pancakes covered with chocolate sauce and served with a 'side' of strawberries and chocolate ice-cream. Also known as a diabetes enhancer. Alright, I'm kidding, but really this is only for people who really really love sweet stuff and chocolates (and also people who prefer their Koi/Gong Cha with 100% sugar)

The pancakes taste like warm brownies and coupled with the ice-cream, heavenly! To be honest I think the strawberries are just there for you to feel healthy after eating the three pancakes. Hahah.

A happy office lady drinking her milkshake! 

They're quite popular with school students nearby and also (real) office workers, so please make reservations especially if you're going during lunch. The strange thing is during weekdays, they start at 11.30AM. Whatever happened to pancakes for breakfast.

Lastly, if you have a chance to, please DO try their garlic buttered prawns with pancakes! I know it is a weird combination but you will not regret it (in a good way).


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  1. such a classy look! the foods look so yummy :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  2. Yes have a giveaway please :) I like the clutch!

    1. Ah, then you could follow me first and we'll be one step closer to the giveaway ;)

  3. I love the clutch!
    Mhmm 12 bucks for a
    flea market is indeed
    pricey but yeah if
    it's love at first

    That chocolate pancake
    looks really nice <3


  4. I agree; I definitely have some of those pieces in my closet. Loving the blouse.

    te amo,

  5. Aw you ate such delicious food!
    I love the camera case. Your hair is so nice too =]
    Nice blog! x

    1. It is! My friends all love the camera case too :) Thanks for your compliments :)

  6. oohhh my that pancakes make me hungry!!! ^_^ The top is so lovely!


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