Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cupcakes and pizzas

Today's post will be about food because I am starving right now! Tuition got cancelled last minute so I am meeting the boyfriend later at Bukit Timah, which is in the west. And I live in the east, boohoo.

Went for Love, Bonito x Sogurt's launch on Sunday! Sogurt is a frozen yogurt shop that has a do-it-yourself concept: You can take as much yogurt (in as many flavours they have) as you want, and as many toppings as you wish! This compared to normal frozen yogurt shops that charge different prices for normal or flavoured yogurt. 

Anyway, the launch was for the new flavour to be unveiled that day! Although my cousin (who is a Sogirl) had already told me beforehand that it was Pink Guava -- Tried it on that day and it was super yummy and refreshing! And in the prettiest shade of pink, like the icing on the cupcake above which was sponsored for the event on that day as well.

Everyone there got a goodie bag sponsored by Seventeen magazine, Zouk (my boyfriend kept the Zouk passes they gave because he was afraid I'd lost it, thanks for your faith darling) and a Love, Bonito flower corsage/pin! So pretty. Actually to be honest I went for the event for the goodies. Please do not judge me. #kiasu

15 Minutes
1 McNally Street, Singapore 187940

15 Minutes is a cosy and artistic cafe located in LASELLE College of the Arts, which is perhaps why it is tastefully decorated with black and white pillars, chalkboard menus and book pages plastered to walls. But the main attraction is of course the food! Its dishes mainly are Italian, with pizzas, lasagne, pastas and the like.

I ordered the Wasabi Prawn Pizza ($7.90) which was surprisingly yummy! You would expect something like that to taste funny. I mean, wasabi, and prawns? On a pizza? With bonito flakes? But thankfully, I made the right choice and it was like eating a Takopachi (little Japanese octopus balls) which was more savoury and salty compared to the usual pizza. The downside of this was that I couldn't taste the wasabi; The sauce felt more like mayonnaise instead and there was no cheese in the pizza! But it was just a small caveat and the price made up for the loss. It's great for two people if you're sharing other items, which works out to only $3.95 per person! Affordable yet yummy food. I like.

Next up was the Tofu & Spinach Lasagne ($7.90) which is a vegetarian dish but tastes divine! Great for healthy people watching their weight but like all lasagnes to me, I felt that after a few mouthfuls the taste would be too overpowering because of the sheer amount of cheese used in the dish, so best to share this!

My company that day! Two of my very close primary school mates whom I had the pleasure of meeting 12 years ago (I had to count that), Yvonne and Nic (who is also my BFF) and Von's sister Ginny (sitting with me)! I'm fortunate to be able to keep in close contact with my primary school graduating class and guess the best thing about dining with people you've known for nearly your whole life is that you can just say whatever you want. There are moments where we jinx each other saying the same things or smile because we know what the other person is saying... It doesn't get any better than this.

I actually wrote the top half of the post before dinner and now at 11.30PM, I feel like snacking again after looking at all these photos. Gosh. This should be changed into a food blog, no? Hope you have a great week ahead!

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  1. hehe:) love posts like this.. and yum! i want wasabi prawn pizza right now! <33

  2. "Please do not judge me. #kiasu" -->> YOU ARE TOO CUTE LA! HAHAHA! that totally cracked me up! xx

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  4. Delicious pics...I'm hungry now :-S

    With love,Mia

  5. yummyyyyy these foods seem to be delicious, I'm really hungry after having seen them :D


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  8. nom nom nom nom. gosh, i'm gonna die. food-porn!

  9. aughhh so hungry nowww haha


  10. love the floral top with the belt!
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  11. lol wasabi prawn pizza! gotta be honest, that sounds like an interesting variety of pizza although it looks scrumptious in the pictures...but since you said it tastes like octopus bslls (which I love!) I might try it! if I ever happen to see it on the menu haha. Soo cheap too!


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  14. girl you are making me so hungry now!! i really should eat breakfast, the problem is that i have soy milk but no cereal! lol. anyway, lovely post. i am amazed that you can eat that much and still stay so thin!!

    xx rae


  15. That looks so yummy! seems like you had a very joyful day !
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  17. Gorgeous pictures! All those foods look dang yummy! X

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  18. that pizza looks incredible!


  19. aahhhhh the food looks so yummi, I want *-*


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  20. Food Pooorn :D These
    pictures making me so
    Mhmm I would love to
    try wasabi prawn pizza..
    altho a pizza is no
    pizza with no cheese!


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  35. Wow, the food looks so yummy & you guys look wonderful!


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